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Set of 23 PVC Inserts 1216mm long to suit one 8ft x 4ft panel or two 4ft x 4ft panel.

The PVC inserts will

  • protect your board
  • hide the raw MDF in the groove
  • strengthen you branding or match  your shop theme.

They are easy to:

  • re-cut to size (either with a snip or while cutting the board with a circular saw)
  • insert form the side of the board
  • clip-in from the front of the board


PVC Inserts are a great and economical way to embellish and customize your displays by matching, contrasting or adding a touch of colour to your panels.

The PVC inserts will also help you to strengthen the boards and protect the edges of the grooves.

They are very easy to cut to size or to install.

They slide into the panel grooves or clip into them from the front.

Additional information

Dimensions 1216 mm

White, Grey, Cream, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Plum, Orange, Pink


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