28.00216.00 excl. VAT / 34.44 incl. VAT

The Add-on bay is composed of:

  • One open Frame c/w Galvanised feet to bolt to the up-right and screw/bolt to the floor.
  • Three Galvanised shelves c/w hooks
  • Three Bin Kits and 6 dividers
  • One clamp to fix to side or bulkhead of the van

Don’t forget TO ADD 1 END FRAME for every run of shelving.

(i.e. you need one end frame if you have one bay or more side by side in one side of the van

and you need two end frames if you have one bay or more  on the driver side AND  one bay or more on the passenger side)

You can then accessorise any shelf with a Front Edge or a Bin Kit.

32.00 excl. VAT / 39.36 incl. VAT
30.00 excl. VAT / 36.90 incl. VAT
28.00 excl. VAT / 34.44 incl. VAT
214.50 excl. VAT / 263.84 incl. VAT
205.00 excl. VAT / 252.15 incl. VAT
216.00 excl. VAT / 265.68 incl. VAT
212.50 excl. VAT / 261.38 incl. VAT
203.00 excl. VAT / 249.69 incl. VAT
194.00 excl. VAT / 238.62 incl. VAT
210.50 excl. VAT / 258.92 incl. VAT
201.00 excl. VAT / 247.23 incl. VAT
192.00 excl. VAT / 236.16 incl. VAT


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