Euro Boxes for Van


Durable Stackable Euro boxes.

Comes in three sizes:

300 x 200

400 x 300

600 x 400

Each size is half of the next size up. So two small fit on top of one medium and two medium fit on the large one.

Also we can supply you with shelving that exactly match the size of the boxes.



Heavy Duty Euro boxes

Can be easy stacked on top of each others, allowing you to carry safely three or four at a time on site.

Their sizes make them the ideal companion of our Vega shelves.

We recommend to use a Front Edge to hold them in position.


Additional information

Dimensions N/A

E3205, E3212, E3217, E4305, E4312, E4317, E4322, E4332, E6410, E6417, E6422, E6424, E6441