MB Transparent Flip Bins

10.5033.50 excl. VAT / 12.18 incl. VAT

Great organizing storage system, ideal for use in vans, workshops or even at home.

Comes in Blue, Green, White and Red  available on order, please contact us for delivery time.

Grey available from stock.

33.50 excl. VAT / 41.21 incl. VAT
30.00 excl. VAT / 36.90 incl. VAT
22.00 excl. VAT / 27.06 incl. VAT
13.50 excl. VAT / 16.61 incl. VAT
10.50 excl. VAT / 12.92 incl. VAT


The Multibox (MB) is a great organising storage system for small parts from electrical and plumbing fittings, bots & nuts, screws & fixings, medical supplies, components to household goods…

This make them ideal for use in vans, parts stores, shops, workshops or even at home.

The transparent bins are made of a strong yet flexible plastic.

You can see at the glance of an eye what items you have and the stock level of each of them.

Each transparent box open independently and can be removed altogether from their casing if needed.

An optional locking bar can be purchased separately to keep the bins securely closed while on the move.

Casing comes with holes for screwing onto the wall.

An easier way to hold the boxes is to slide them (thanks to the slots provided at the rear), onto one of the optional Tilt Bins Holder/Frame available separately.

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