Slatwall Interior/Exterior Corner


The one piece jointer clip-in both edges of the slatwall meeting up in an internal or external corner.

We stock three finishes: White, Cream or Chrome / Brush Aluminium finish.

Other colours available, please contact us.



One piece flexible jointer made of high grade PVC. The trim clip-in both slatwall meeting in a corner and can flex the same way an hinge do.

This accessory make any external or internal corner a breeze to install, as you don’t have to worry about your joints.

The slats do not need any more to line-up exactly and your board to join perfectly in order to achieve a professional looking corner.

The jointer helps you to hide and compensate for:

  • exposed edge
  • bad or chipped edges due to the cutting
  • unlevel floor
  • irregular wall
  • not square corner

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White, Cream, Chrome finish