Sliding Van Rack


The panel is 24″ x 48″.  The panels can be either louvered to take parts bins, or have bars so that MB Boxes can be mounted on.

They are sold as right or left hand sets so that they slide in the correct direction.  The pictures are showing left hand units (Passenger side).

There are a lot of options so please feel free to call us for advice if you are unsure 053 92 43 307.

Parts bins, MB Boxes and basket are not included in the prices and can be purchased separately.



Maximise the space on your van with this sliding Rack.

The panel has a small lever which is pulled to release the panel and allow it to slide forward on rails allowing access from outside the vehicle.

They can be fitted either side of the van at the back or at the bulk head.

The system comes with Universal mounting brackets and fixings.

Allow 5-10 days for delivery.

Additional information


LHS / Passenger Side, RHS Driver Side


All Louvre Panel, Half Louvre, Bars to fix MB Boxes Frame